Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I miss you

I try to dream of you. I look at a picture on my phone and recount a moment with you that made me smile. I close my eyes and imagine that you are there with me, holding me. I try to keep that feeling and the image of you in my mind until I doze off.

On a lucky night, you are there, smiling and talking to me. The craziness happening around us is trying to distract me from being able to enjoy the moment and I am forced to shift my gaze from your eyes to a beast off in the distance. Sometimes I have to let go of your hand in order to grab a tree branch that will lift me to safety or maybe I have to run quickly to avoid traffic.  Sometimes I get to hug and kiss you, sometimes you disappear during the distraction.

I wake up happy to have caught a glimpse, a moment away from reality.

Then it sinks in. It wasn't real. You aren't here.

I have to wait.

Till then,  I don't mind, sleeping to dream about you.